Mutual Funds and High Interest deposit accounts are offered through Portfolio Strategies Corporation. .


All other financial products and services are offered through Principal Capital Management via PPI Solutions Inc. (Calgary).



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Jon Warren, lawyer.  Jon is available to help with the preparation of documents regarding real estate purchases, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives.



Want to convert personal health care expenses (for you and your family members, as well as your employees) into a valid business income deduction?  For small and large business owners, having Custom Care on your side may be a smart choice to reduce tax and save money.


Personal and Professional Life Coaching: Impact Coaching ... Imagine the personal or business life you've always dreamed Elizabeth Critchley @ 403-256-4164


Personal Organizing Support Get It Together Inc. Personal Professional Organizing support in your home or business... contact Sheri Bruneau @ 403 -720-8072