"Jim has been outstanding at truly listening to us and implementing a program that fits our needs and meets our goals. His investment knowledge and ideas on how to take advantage of a very recessed market have been excellent. He is always available to consult with and finds answers to our questions. His easy going demeanor and great personality makes our meetings a pleasurable experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone as a financial advisor.”
Jennifer and Darin, clients


I have had the pleasure of working with Jim for the past 3 years.  Jim's ability to properly match his vast knowledge of financial products and solutions to complement his clients' strategies puts him at the head of his industry.  Jim's integrity and dedication combined with his personable approach makes him a pleasure to work with.  In times of economic prosperity or uncertainty, it is comforting to know Jim will always put his clients' goals and needs ahead of all else.  "
Rhodri Bethell, President,  Halcyon Mortgage & Finance Inc.


“My husband and I felt comfortable with Jim right away.  Jim was very good at explaining the different types of investments in a way that made sense to us.  Jim never pressured us and we felt comfortable and excited about the packages that we chose together.  Jim makes us feel safe and confident because he is always available when questions arise.”
Kristin and Garett ,  married couple, clients


“I have known Jim Critchley for nearly four years.  He has been recognized as one of the top investment advisors by our firm.  Jim's ability to match client to appropriate product, to look after the needs of his clients first, and his genuine concern for their well-being makes him stand out in our industry.  I can readily recommend him as an advisor. “
Rahim Mulji, Regional Vice-President, TD Mutual Funds


“Jim Critchley has been our financial advisor for over four years. He is attentive to the details of our specific plans and financial future, and is always ready to give sound advice. Jim knows his stuff: he is up-to-date on the happenings of the market, and has certainly offered excellent advice in the past few years of economic instability. We trust Jim implicitly; he is an astute advisor and friend... We highly recommend Jim as a financial planner and advisor to anyone!. “
Christine and Robert, clients


“Jim has an enthusiasm about him that is very refreshing. You can see when you talk to him that he is very knowledgeable about the products that he is recommending to you. He takes the time to sit down with you on a quarterly basis to go over your portfolio and see if there are any changes either of you might like to make…. He is also very good explaining in “layman’s terms” what a lot of the different funds mean…. Jim’s charismatic optimism and the personal relationships he develops with his clients make him one of those individuals that make the “investing” world seem friendlier. Jim’s has an understanding of the market, a relentless quest for strategies and products to enable his clients in having a positive financial future, and he loves to make a positive difference.. “
Garry and Bonnie, clients


“Although Jim Critchley manages large amount of clients he always makes you feel like you are #1 by going above and beyond the means of the investor and advisor relationship to exceed client expectations… I am always in the know of what is happening with my account with continuous updates and contact from Jim…. Jim’s turnaround time on phone calls, emails and documents lets you know he values your business…. I felt I was given a wide range of choices and together we found the investments that suited my personal needs best…. Jim’s vast knowledge of many services makes him a strong asset to have when venturing into new endeavors.. “
Logan, client


“Jim has been our financial advisor for the past 5 years. He devised our plan after carefully listening to our needs and assessing our level of risk tolerance. He is always keeping us up to date with new programs, making sound financial suggestions, helps us understand the market, the types of investments available but most of all does not pressure us in any way. In a tough market Jim's vision has been sound and is exceeding our expectations and allows us a peace of mind in turbulent times. Jim is very prompt at getting back to us and meets us in a timely fashion when needed.. “
Angelina and Derek, clients


“I was 59 years of age when I met Jim. At this time, my house mortgage would have been paid off when I turned 70 but with Jim’s advice and knowledge of investing, I’m now looking at being 65 with owning my home. Jim has given me an idea as to an approximate monthly income when I do retire which has lifted a big worry. Jim is very prompt with answering any questions that I might have and I totally trust him to which I say Thank You.. “
Judy, client